Bicycle Servicing

The Bicycle Indusrty is constantly evolving (12 speed, hydro brakes on roadies, tubeless roadies, big wheels and of course E-Bikes) and experiencing in recent years originates from the recovery of a healthy habit of moving in an ecological and economic way.

Cycling has many advantages, including the significant fact that it helps you stay fit.

It is obvious that however sophisticated our bikes may be, from time to time, these vehicles also need maintaning, and sometimes these maintenance works require the help of professional bicycle mechanic to address all your two-wheel vehicle's needs.

ACT Bike Superstore is a specialized bicycle repair center able to take care of your vehicle with tons of experience acquired through years of work and with the passion that is part of our philosophy of life.

We are not just a shop but a real reference point in Canberra for all cycling lovers, with a specialized workshop dedicated to repairing bicycles of every type and brand. From small maintenance up to more complex and demanding repairs.
ACT Bike Superstore, 20 Essington Street, Mitchell await you in our showroom to offer you precise quotes and all the assistance you need.

Together with personalised customer service that meet every customer's needs we offer a "Basic service" through to "The total package" that will give longer life to your bike while letting you enjoy a more confident ride, whether it's down Stromlo's slopes or on the roads in Canberra.

Basic service $110

Annual service $165

*New Bike Feel $350+

*The Total Package $700+

Give us a call to discuss what is right for your bike and needs, or pop in and we will give you an honest quote to repair, we are more than happy to chat.

*prices don't include parts.


Darren Symons